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A Hike Connect Eat Weekend in Clifton

Enjoy the Clifton outdoors with a local hike led by Piper Fernwey, Managing Director & Board President of the Clifton Crafthouse Co-op.

Explore the scenic trails and the surrounding Clifton community. After the hike, meet at the gazebo to eat, relax and connect.

Bring your meal, or support the local food truck, Poppy's Smokehouse Catering, serving up handcrafted bbq with a southern twist.

Get to know the Clifton Crafthouse Co-op community, and stick around for a musical styling of The Hoppers - performing live at the Clifton Opera House at 7:30pm. CLIFTON CRAFTHOUSE COOP

4 Clay Street Clifton, Ohio 45316

To learn more about the Clifton Crafthouse Co-op, visit:


The Clifton Crafthouse Co-op will be a worker, community member, and business-owned taproom and community space featuring a shared commercial kitchen and affordable artist housing. Designed to meet specific needs identified by local non-profits, we hope to leverage the cooperative model to create a community space for the benefit of all.

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