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Member Monday | Gnarlyheart Studio

Today we are featuring Co-op business owner Deja Freeman and her business Gnarlyheart Studio. A blurb from the creator:

" I'm Deja Freeman, owner of Gnarlyheart Studio & Co-op business member. I moved to Yellow Springs from Columbus about seven years ago to raise my family here. I'm currently working for the Clifton Crafthouse Co-op as the market & events coordinator in charge of programming & I also serve as a board member. I formerly worked as the gallery coordinator for the Yellow Springs Arts Council.

I am & always have been an artist who makes art with whatever medium I can get my hands on, but my first loves are mixed media paintings & assemblage jewelry. I don't often exhibit my paintings because they're deeply personal reflections of my inner world, much like a diary, but I show & sell my jewelry & homegrown herbal soaps & bath blends as Gnarlyheart Studio, which I started officially in 2020. My work is heavily nature-based & centers around magic & stories from old pagan mythologies & diving into the depths of self.

I joined the co-op to be in community with other creatives to learn from & be inspired by."

Soon you can find some of her work at the Creators' Market.

Follow her on Instagram: @gnarlyheart_studio

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