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RFP Creators’ Market Coordinator

Updated: Sep 21, 2023

Release RFP: September 19th

Proposal Deadline: Sunday, October 13th by 11:59 PM EDT

The Clifton Crafthouse Co-Op is in search of an independent consultant to serve as Project Coordinator for the Creators’ Market relaunch (hereafter the “Creators’ Market Coordinator”) with a commercial kitchen. Consultant’s overall goal is to increase utilization of the Creators’ Market space, and subsequently benefits to small rural businesses while increasing membership and income, through targeted marketing and outreach, commercial kitchen user scheduling and onboarding, end of year campaign and event in coordination with the Clifton Mill’s light display. This is a temporary 3-4 month grant-funded position with a total budget of $15,000, and the hope is that the consultant will have sufficiently scaled Creators’ Market operations by the end of the initial contract term to a level that could support their position being extended.

The consultant will be someone who is passionate about the Crafthouse’s vision and mission, the arts, and service to their community, has experience in a commercial kitchen setting, and is interested in spearheading the relaunch of our concept space to maximize its utilization. The consultant will be reliable, communicative, personable, organized, and have good written and verbal communication skills.

Read the full RFP here > RFP Creators’ Market Coordinator

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