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#BLACKFRIDAY 2022 at Clifton Crafthouse Co-op and What It Means For the Community

The tradition of Black Friday is a shopping phenomenon, which often spans an entire weekend. While online shopping is a great feature, many people still desire the in-person experience of browsing stores, visiting eateries, and finding unique treasures. While still in a sensitive Covid-conscious state, the public is seeking any alternative experiences which are less trafficked, and more boutique.

But what about business owners who want to offer their services but have no place to feature them? What about those artists who would like to feature their gallery, or pieces of art but do not have the studio space? What about musicians who would like to host an intimate gathering during this holiday rush, but need a convenient and available location?

The funding of Clifton Crafthouse Co-op will provide the space and opportunity needed for many business owners who, otherwise, are left out in the cold during this busy holiday season. With the shared community space, the usage is endless. A baker will have space to sell bread for the holiday. A dancer will have to host a #blackfriday holiday class. A painter will have the space to host a holiday exhibit. -and this is just one component!

With plans for the Clifton Crafthouse Co-op to open in 2022, we look forward to the community having even more sustainable options to connect, enjoy, support, and shop local. With anticipation, we look forward to being a part of the holiday tapestry of the community.

Learn how you can become a member-owner today, and be a part of Black Friday 2022 at the Clifton Crafthouse Co-op

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